Welcome to Motorfest 2013

A "CAR CRUISE" will again be held on Saturday, 23rd November (the day before the Motorfest event) . This is a great chance to catch up with other car enthusiasts for a few hours in the afternoon while exploring the beautiful south west region. Details are as follows. Gathering at Sir Stewart Bovell park (foot ball oval where Motorefest is held) at 11am, leaving at 11:30. First stop will be Aravina Estate for refreshments and look at private motor museum (muscle cars), followed by visits to two other stops before finishing at foreshore in Busselton where participants can disperse or stick around for a BBQ (byo). Map available on the day.

The Busselton MotorFest was first inspired by the long held dream of Ray Dowell of the Busselton Football Club. Ray had no problem finding local "motorheads" to help make the dream of having a local motor show come true! In 2006 the first event attracted about 150 exhibits, and by last years show this was up to more than 340 exhibits. The event continues to be specifically a FAMILY orientated outing that gives everyone the opportunity to show / view a wide range of motor types... be it stationary motors from a past era, vintage and modern vehicles, tractors, bikes, speedway & drag racing beasts, streetcars, or just the pure show of muscle power... (Ford & Holden rivalry is alive and well!). Car Clubs from all over the state also make a significant presence.

The whole event is run purely on a volunteer basis as a fundraiser for the local football club and a nominated charity/cause/individual. This year we continue our support of the WA DISABLED SURFING who have been operating in the south west for the past 5 years, and are part of over 40 groups Australia wide, catering for those with varying disabilities who wish to get into the sea.Last years fundraising assisted in the purchase of special beach matting and boards that are required by the participants .Ant Pursell and all his fellow workers continue to work tirelessly to brighten the lives of many of our local people and are able to offer a new adventure to those they work with, one which most of us take for granted. The costs to maintain this venture are ongoing and our pledge of 3 years assistance continues.

The Traders Alley, Auto Jumble car boot Sale, a variety of children's activities, as well as some seriously delicious food and refreshments provided by local vendors, assure that all your needs are met.

As per last year we plan to run a FREE BUS SERVICE between the event venue and the Busselton town centre (on an hourly basis).

While competition is not given priority at this event, local sponsors do provide trophies for a variety of categories.. some serious.. some not!

PLEASE NOTE... while we are a pretty laid back mob here you could well stress us out if you just show up on the day without nominating! NOMINATION IS ESSENTIAL as last year the oval was just about full to capacity. Please help us to make this day run smoothly for all.

This event will proceed wether rain, hail or shine. No vehicles will be permitted to leave oval until the end of event at 3pm due to sponsorship and legal requirements.